Every pokèdex app out there has every bit of information a person could ever want: location, height, weight, characteristics, likes, dislikes… Whenever I play any of the games I’m only trying to learn if and how a pokèmon I caught will evolve. So I decided to learn React Native and write the app I wanted.

SimpleDex is a quick and easy tool for figuring out if a pokèmon evolves and the conditions that need to be met for it to happen.


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  • A simple interface

    Simply load the app and search for a pokèmon species to see if and how it evolves

  • A carousel

    If the pokèmon you searched for has multiple evolutions you’ll be able to slide between them

  • An About modal

    Tap on the menu icon in the header to pull up an about modal showcasing the app logo, version string, and useful links.


Icons used from Feather Icons. Logo created by ei8htz.

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